Top Web Design Trends Web Design Companies in Oman Should Watch Out For

Top Web Design Trends Web Design Companies in Oman Should Watch Out For

Website design trends change constantly in keeping with factors such as relevancy, screen size compatibility and user interface. New, exciting trends are come and go in the design world. With changing tastes and preferences of the users, it has become indispensable for website designers to keep up with the latest trends.

It is vital for web designers to understand what the current and upcoming trends are. It can help you stay ahead of the competition and it can help you meet your client’s requirements. If you’re a business owner or service professional in Oman who wants to develop a new website for their company, then you can find many web design companies in Oman.

Here Are Certain Web Design Trends For The Current Year And Beyond

* Responsive web design
* Minimalist Design
* Flat & Material Design Hybrid

Responsive Web Design: Considering the growing mobile device traffic, responsive website design has become the latest trend. This web design ensures easy reading and navigation on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. Spotted as one of the trends last year, responsive designs are still around today and will undoubtedly continue to be popular. With so many more users using their phones to browse the Web, this compact design, just as apps has been a major influence.

Flat & Material Design Hybrid Design: Material design is Google’s simple layered design language. Sites moved away from 3-D skeuomorphism and toward basic, flat UI. This means fewer drop shadows and gradients. The modern aesthetic of flat design, the hybrid style reflects and the layered feel of material design.

Parallax Encore: Parallax design websites are getting popular with its graphic scrolling, powerful imagery, and strong and creative typography. With this scrolling feature, the webpage is presented as multiple layers while the background layer can be scrolled at a different speed than the foreground layer. The background layer may not move at all.

Recent years also witnessed trends such as:

* Microinteractions
* Rich Animations
* Dramatic Typography
* Long Scrolling
* HD Visuals
* Illustrations, and more

Simple color schemes, simplified content, dropping the sidebar, mix and match typography, side out menus, big background videos, scroll activated animations and artistic web fonts are other ways that designers use to customize websites.

Of course, the popular trend is not always the best choice. It is not good to follow trends because they ‘look great’. In the coming years, many of these trends will continue to be refined. Some will be replaced with better alternatives.

So, if you’re looking to hire a website design company in Oman, make sure to approach an experienced service provider for your project. Be sure the company has been in the industry for some years, and their team are experienced in what they do, and know about the current and upcoming web design trends.

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