Digital Forensic Services

Every business has to deal with great amount of data daily. As a result, businesses are also engaging in more and more data sharing, which can contribute to issues with respect to data security. With data being the most valuable asset in business sectors, securing your data has become a top priority. To deal with the investigation of cyber and computer crimes, Areena offers a comprehensive range of digital forensic services. The service deals with identifying, preserving and analyzing data in any computer, device or network. Our services are available to clients across Muscat, Oman.

Assistance at any Stage of a Digital Forensics Investigation

When it comes to analyzing a forensic crime, we support organizations to devise strategies and make crucial business decisions to protect their business. To serve your needs, we have a team of forensic investigators, fraud examiners, digital forensic examiners, data analysts and system and network domain experts. They are leaders in the field of digital forensic investigation. 

What We Offer

  • Computer Forensics
  • Forensics Accounting
  • Phone forensics and data recovery
  • Phone hacking forensics
  • Computer hacking forensics
  • Network forensics and log analysis
  • Server forensics and data recovery

With our office in Muscat, Oman, our digital forensics experts are near and ready to help. Whether you need the solutions – before, during, and after an incident, we have the expertise and skills to help you protect your data, from inappropriate data use or data loss.

Get immediate assistance from our team of digital investigators. Call us today to learn more information about digital forensic services from Areena.