Digital Risk Monitoring

What is Digital Risk Monitoring? Actually It is the process of monitoring social media and other digital channels, identifying risks and preventing those risks that are impacting your business.

Nowadays, everyone is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube to stay connected both personally and professionally. With the increased usage of social media, threats are at an all-time high, ranging from account hijacking to impersonation attacks, scams. Working as digital marketing partner in Muscat, Oman, Areena provides end to end solutions to protect your social media presence from account takeovers, social media phishing scams, and malicious content.

We Detect, Manage Risks across a Wide Range of Sources

At our digital marketing agency in Muscat, we have team of social media security experts having years of experience in the field. We devise ethical strategies to ensure optimal social media security. Threats can be of many forms – business threats, fake news, phishing and malware, data leaks, policy violation, fraud and scams. From Web, Mobile Apps, Social Media, Dark Web to IoT, we map your online footprint and detect, manage risks across a wide range of sources. To strengthen your cyber security, we offer a wide range of services and solutions. 

Our Services Covers

  • Immediate vulnerability detection
  • Automated risk analysis
  • Industry-specific compliance reporting








Benefits of our Digital Monitoring Service 

  • Protects your brand from attack
  • Keeps you alert of all cyber threats
  • Manage your privacy settings
  • Build a positive online reputation
  • Keep your operating system, Web browser, and other software current
  • Monitor social media and digital channels regularly
  • Takedown malicious posts and profiles
  • Makes you aware of any parties of interest and their tracking details

Learn more about monitoring your digital risk! We’d love to show you how we can protect your business.