Role of Social Media in Gulf Business!

Role of Social Media in Gulf Business!

If you have a thought that posting photographs of your vacation or sharing your favourite videos are the only things that can be done on social media, then you need to wake up. Social media has now become the most important part of the marketing strategy no matter if it is a well-established business or an emerging business. Social Media Marketing in Gulf is evolving rapidly. Did you know that on an average daily use of social media through PC, tablet, phone accounts to 3 hours and 35 minutes in the UAE alone? A 2015 Middle East statistics reveals that over 88% of the region’s online population use social media every day. 88% roughly represents 100 million people. With such a whopping number of potential customers browsing daily, it’s no wonder how social media can work wonders for your business.

How social media will help your business?

Knowing customers is very important – The key to success of any business is knowing customers. Social media platform makes this easier. You can not only know them, but also see what your potential customers are talking. Businesses can gather consumer information via social networks and modify their business to cater customer needs.

Pocket-friendly marketing tool – Social media proves to be a strong marketing tool for those with little or no budget for marketing. One can instantly share product/business info with audiences worldwide. You can target people by age, gender, city, purchase behaviour, and more. If you are promoting your product or service through other marketing medias, you will never know who liked your ad. Whereas with social media, you can see who likes your post and what their view is about your business.

Let’s finish off with a solid proof how social media can boost your business!

Dr Deanna is the founder and designer of Abaya Addict, a business that specializes in Islamic fashion like traditional and modern abayas, shirts, dresses, and more. The founder created a Facebook page when she first started her business in 2012. She claims that she got 3,000 followers within no time and customers flowed in enquiring about her products. You won’t believe that currently Abaya Addict has over 91,000 Facebook followers, and 69,000 Instagram followers.

Hope, this example is more than enough for you to mark your position in social media platform and boost your business to greater heights.

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