How to Use Social Media to Improve Local Business in Oman

How to Use Social Media to Improve Local Business in Oman


It is not surprising to know the impact of social media on the present generation and it has become a part of their life style. When one cannot neglect the presence of social media in the personal lives, business professionals can very well use its wide acceptance to grow their business. Building a social following locally is nowadays the most important to promote local business in Oman.

However, just being part of Facebook or Twitter won’t simply help you. What is important is to learn to wisely use these platforms with a better understanding of how to attract fans and followers, what types of content to post, and the tone of each social platform. Engage them by asking their opinions, and indirectly offering them a sense of investment in your business.

* Facebook: You can use the platform to build brand loyalty and convert the community of followers into customers. The free competition monitor can be used to benchmark your performance over time. Always post engaging contents and consider paid advertising or partnering with nonprofits for maximum reach.

* Twitter: Finding the right people to follow is important and for that you can use your existing network on other social media sites. It would be good to get familiar with a Twitter management app to use it in the most effective way. You may listen first to get the tone of the people you follow and their interests and tweet intelligently. Be a conversation-starter and provide customer service via your Twitter handle to attract more followers.

* Linkedin: This application can help you to expand and increase your relationship currency within your circles with key contacts. First of all set up a LinkedIn company page and take effort to find and participate in a LinkedIn group with local ties. Start blogging and leverage each employee within your small business. Grow your network so that prospects can find you and give them a reason to connect with you and take action.

* Instagram: Set up an Instagram account and cultivate a following by connecting to your Facebook account and using relevant, popular hashtags. Get engaged by following others and liking their photos. Embed Instagram video in your blog or website, follow your followers back, generate a flexible posting plan and find ways to inspire potential customers.

* Google+: Use this platform to circle up with your customers, engage in business-to-business reviews, host public conversations and Hangouts and importantly learn from other successful companies.

* Youtube: Use this video application that is backed by the world’s largest search engine, Google to market and increase your brand exposure. The chances of making purchasing decisions are more after viewing a video online. Use engaging videos along with testimonials & tutorials to let customers learn how your products and services perform. Also make use of different options in the application such as comments & feedback and YouTube Ads.

* Pinterest: First you have to set up a Pinterest business account and closely watch what people pin from your website and competitors’ sites. Be sure to give each board its own theme and pin at least once a day and from different sources.

There are a lot more social media platforms being widely used. It is your role to learn which social networks are right for your business. A successful social media campaign for Oman always needs an interactive conversation with your customers or prospective customers by knowing what their interests are.

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