SEO Without a Live Site? Yes, You Can!

SEO Without a Live Site? Yes, You Can!

If you are thinking that you can’t do SEO until your website goes live, then you are wrong! Even though major part of the SEO is only after your website is launched, you still have to do some important things that will help your website get crawled by search engines and pave way for smooth site launch. So, here we go….

Create hype with “coming soon” page

Your coming soon page with call to action will help you generate potential leads. You can also give your visitors a PDF guide, a video or anything that will entice them. Keep adding interesting stuffs like this and engage your visitors until your site is launched. The “coming soon” page not only creates a buzz about your new site, but also helps in building your brand.

Good time to build your social media profiles

It is the best time to build your social media profiles before your site launch. Engage your audience with informative and interesting content. By doing so, you are fostering your brand in your customer’s mind. Importantly, have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Do not miss to connect your “coming soon” page. This makes easier for your audience to stay updated about your site launch.

Get as many blog posts you can

You can draw tons of traffic to your website with well optimized and actionable content. Web-crawlers will visit your website to index it. Therefore, you need to feed them with information-rich content. You can also kick start a blog pre-launch. This will help you to make announcements and build a little SEO authority and buzz.

Create and optimize your webpages

Make sure you have multiple pages and each page should have high-authority content according to the target visitors. Use long-tailed keywords in every page as well as page titles. Say a big NO to keyword stuffing. Only then the search engines will index your pages properly and give you initial rankings.

The above mentioned are just a few SEO techniques you can do before your website launch. There are still many other things that will help you to get ahead of the game!

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