Consider These SEO Essentials While Optimizing Your Website

Consider These SEO Essentials While Optimizing Your Website

SEO optimization on timely basis in accordance with search engine updates is very important, if you want your website to rank top in the search results. Below mentioned are the most important SEO techniques that you need to pay attention too.

Page Titles
Page title play an important role in page rankings on search engines. Make sure that each page has unique title incorporating the main keywords of that page. By doing so, you have better chances showing up in the search results when a search is performed for your keyword.

Meta Description
The biggest SEO blunder is not having a Meta description for the page. Write a description within 155 characters justifying the given title. Also, include call-to-action such as phone numbers and special offers if any. Do not stuff the keywords.

While writing articles or any other content, break up the content by giving proper header tags [H1, H2, and so on]. This makes easier to read plus, keyword rich header tags are useful as it helps crawlers to differentiate important content.

Quality Content
Search engines look for fresh content. Hence, it is very important to publish useful, informative articles, blogs and videos. Don’t just write for the sake of search engines. Know your audience and write content appropriately. In other words, stop distressing about keywords. Rather, focus on user experience.

User-friendly Website
Your website structure should be in such a way that users can navigate easily and it should have stuff that keeps visitors engaged for a longer duration.

Site speed
Search engines also look for how quickly your webpages load. Google has stated that it is one of the signals used by its algorithm to rank pages. Pages with low speed tend to have higher bounce rates. It indirectly affects conversion rates too.

Optimize the images and have alt tags. Write a crisp description in the alt tag. This is important because search engines don’t see your images. Instead, they read your alt tags. A proper description in the alt tag will help your images appear in Google image search.

The above mentioned are some of the important ways you can improve your search rankings. Implementing these will help search engine spiders to crawl your website and get your pages working better.

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