Email Marketing

Being one of the leading email marketing service providers in Oman, we offer advanced solutions to help you build good audience for your venture and improve your social reach. The methods we adopt are the best in the industry and the speciality of our services is the customized approach. We offer unparalleled services to help you reach your target markets effortlessly at economic rates.

What We Do?

At our email marketing company, we offer more than simply a digital marketing solution by thinking and doing different and we assure impressive response rates in the least possible time. We create, send, and track emails and social posts that look good on all devices. We have a team of experts who can provide an attractive email design with features such as layout, style, and colour of your choice. We also offer advanced customized email software which are user-friendly and you can access it at affordable prices. By adding a sign up form to your website, we turn website visitors into email subscribers. Monthly newsletters, invitations, special offers and social posts are sent to showcase your brand and help grow your business.
Our bulk email marketing service let your service and products reach millions of people around. Instead of just sending the email randomly, we determine which people are most likely to respond to your offer and then set the list. We assure you the right audiences for your brand by collecting, analyzing, categorizing and archiving millions of authentic emails database. With white list programs, we make sure that your email reach recipients “in-boxes”.
We understand that good content is what matters the most and not just the design or format of the email. So we make sure that the content in the email is catchy with a powerful subject line and the matter suiting the needs of target customers. It would clearly communicate the benefits they could experience and giving a powerful note of why they should choose you.

Our Service Highlights

By choosing our email marketing service, you can have an all different experience with a number of benefits.

  • Highest deliverability rates in the industry
  • Excellent data security
  • 24 hour Customer Support
  • All languages support
  • Professionally designed user friendly templates
  • Real-time connectivity to all major database types
  • Real-time tracking reports

How We Differ?

Unlike other service providers in Muscat, we have a distinctive approach. Our campaign just doesn’t end by sending the emails to the targeted audience. Keeping this as a platform, we integrate social media marketing to get the best out of the service and increase its reach. We use the social media possibilities to let the campaign reach your friends, followers, and fans. With advanced tools and technologies, we get it pushed up on Twitter, Google Buzz, and Facebook. Our ultimate objective is to improve the visibility of the email marketing campaigns to the search engines and thus expand your online presence.